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Open Records

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To increase accountability, transparency and collaboration in state government, ITS had a series of firsts including publishing the state’s first Strategy for Openness. The strategy document was the first step to improve openness in records retention for the state. ITS, in partnership with the State Archives, also held the first state Open Government Summit. The Summit, held in conjunction with National Sunshine Week, was designed to foster and promote transparency, openness, efficiency and citizen participation through the use of Web 2.0 and social networking tools in New York State government.


Electronic Documents Report to the Governor and Legislature

ITS has published the electronic documents report required by statute, "A Strategy for Openness: Enhancing E-Records Access in New York State."


Organization of the Report:

The full report consists of three parts pdf and Open Document Format (ODF):

  • Part I is the Executive Summary of the study, findings and major recommendations.
  • Download Part I of the report. [DOC] [PDF] [ODF]
  • Part II is Supporting Documentation and includes comparative graphs of approaches by other governmental jurisdictions, a deeper analysis of individual issues raised in the Request for Public Comments, and specific proposals for the composition of an Electronic Records Committee.  It is approximately 138 pages in length.
  • Download Part II of the report. [DOC] [PDF] [ODF]
  • Part III contains the Public Comments from a Request for Public Comments.  This part provides a detailed analysis of the recurring themes in the comments received, and verbatim copies of the comments.  It is approximately 640 pages in length.
  • Download Part III-A of the report (RFPC and Analysis). [DOC] [PDF]  [ODF]
    Download Part III-B of the report (Individual Comments). [DOC] [PDF]  [ODF]
    Download Part III-C of the report (Government Comments). [DOC]
    [PDF]  [ODF]
    Download Part III-D of the report (Non-Profit Comments). [DOC] [PDF]  [ODF]
    Download Part III-E of the report (Commercial Comments). [DOC] [PDF]  [ODF]

The Office of Information Technology Services (ITS), the Office of General Services, and the Department of State have worked together to provide direction to agencies and public authorities regarding the implementation of Executive Order 3, Promotion Of Public Access To Government Decisionmaking.


A calendar of open meeting webcasts is available on the New York State web site at Agencies are responsible for keeping this information up-to-date.