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New York State Holds IT Strategic Cluster Kick-Off Meeting

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Seven IT Strategic Clusters of State Agencies Will Collaborate to Reduce IT Costs and Share Technology Solutions

Albany, NY (March 2, 2010)

The New York State Chief Information Officer and Office for Technology (CIO/OFT) held seven, kick-off meetings with state agency Chief Information Officers to formally launch the work of the IT Strategic Clusters introduced in the New York State Enterprise Information Technology Strategic Plan. The IT Strategic Clusters will focus agencies to deliver cost-efficient and integrated IT services by eliminating unnecessary and costly duplication of IT investments.



“Our state’s IT enterprise is committed to improving the delivery of cost-efficient technology services to improve the quality of life for our citizens, our businesses, and our visitors,” said Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, NYS Chief Information Officer and Director of the state Office for Technology. “Like other states, New York State is challenged by the need to make smarter capital investments in the midst of a tough economic climate. With agencies who share common customers grouped together in IT Strategic Clusters, synergies will become evident and opportunities for collaboration on shared IT infrastructure will yield significant cost savings to our tax payers.”


The New York State Enterprise Information Technology Strategic Plan established a set of statewide goals, strategies, and actionable objectives to be realized through delivery of IT services. The plan is designed for maximum benefits and cost reductions across the state enterprise. The IT Plan was designed to make state government more efficient. To this end, the State will leverage a business model designed to ensure the cost of common shared services does not burden the cost of delivering those services to the public.


To build and manage a sustainable IT Strategic Plan, New York State will use the conceptual framework of IT Strategic Clusters. An IT Strategic Cluster is a coalition of IT resources, knowledge and experiences, formed to meet related business challenges, goals and services of State agencies and constituents. Seven clusters have been identified, and each will have a Cluster leader, specific goals and performance measurements to ensure accountability and transparency.


The seven clusters are:

  • Economic Development and Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Energy and Environment
  • Financial Regulations
  • Government Operations and Oversight
  • Labor, Health and Human Services
  • Public Safety and Security

“The concept of IT Strategic Clusters is a unique opportunity for state agencies in New York’s IT enterprise to work collaboratively and leverage shared IT needs to advance the collective mission of their agencies. I’m looking forward to working with the individual clusters to support their joint efforts. I’m certain that together we will identify new, exciting business models that will become best practices going forward,” said Rico Singleton, New York State Deputy CIO for Enterprise Strategy Governance and Acquisition Services.


In the New York State Enterprise Information Technology Strategic Plan, the IT Strategic Clusters are established under the authority of the State CIO to foster greater collaboration and sharing of IT assets. To formally organize the IT Strategic Clusters, a charter was written to outline the roles and responsibilities of the State CIO, CIO/OFT, the IT Strategic Clusters, and the agency members.


The IT Strategic Clusters Charter will: (1) align agencies, with similar missions to collaborate and integrate business processes and technology solutions to foster data integration and joint IT development on common systems; (2) strengthen IT service delivery; (3) realize operational efficiencies and reduce technology costs; and (4) align similar business goals to optimize effectiveness and efficiency.


To obtain a copy of the New York State Enterprise IT Strategic Plan visit:


Please visit the following link to see pictures from the IT Strategic Cluster Meetings:


CIOs and other representatives from the Labor, Health and Human Services Cluster met with Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart and Deputy CIOs for an IT Strategic Cluster kick-off meeting.

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