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Regional Voice Services

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Below are the regions and buildings for which ITS currently provides voice services. There are also forms, userguides and face plates available for your specific region.

For additional information, please contact ITS Customer Relations at 518-402-2537 or toll-free at 866-789-4638.



Buildings Serviced



44 Hawley Street

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100 Seneca Street

295 Main Street

65 Court Street

584 Delaware Avenue

535 Washington Street

460 Main Street

77 Broadway

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Capital District

Some Capital District locations are provided service via the CAPNET system; others are serviced by Intellipath II Digital Centrex

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The following locations are serviced by Intellipath II: Digital Centrex 

Glendale Technology Park

101 Garfield Avenue

2001 East Perimeter Road


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Henderson-Smith State Office Building - 107 Broadway

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New York City

Metronet Locations serviced

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Eleanor Roosevelt State Office Building - 4 Burnett Boulevard

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1 Monroe Square - 259 Monroe Avenue

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Senator John H Hughes State Office Building - 333 East Washington Street

Locations serviced by Intellipath II Digital Centrex

109 S. Warren Street

600 Erie Boulevard West

351 S. Warren Street

615 Erie Boulevard West

100 S. Salina Street

935 James Street

102 Lincoln Park Avenue

201 State Street

545 Cedar Street

625 Madison Street

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Metronet Locations serviced

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Dulles State Office Building - 317 Washington Street

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Utica State Office Building - 207 Genesee Street

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