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Troubleshooting Steps for Office 365 Message Encryption (OME)

There are many factors involved in being about to successfully open an OME encrypted email message. We have found these troubleshooting steps are able to resolve most issues people have opening the encrypted emails.

Microsoft® Exchange Hosted Archive (MEHA)


The Microsoft® Exchange Hosted Archive (MEHA) can be accessed through the
Archive Viewer -a Web-based console that enables end users to perform daily tasks,
such as searching for and viewing messages. The tool can be accessed from anywhere
that you have an internet connection. This can be especially beneficial in an emergency
situation, and is accessible even if NYSeMail is unavailable.


NYSeMail is CIO/OFT’s centralized email and calendaring system for New York

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NYSeMail Migration

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The Statewide E-Mail Consolidation is a component of the of the IT Transformation Project. The new model will leverage the benefits of a single statewide email system, migrating most Executive Branch e-mail users, when significant cost saving opportunity presents itself, from legacy systems to an enterprise NYSeMail Service hosted by a private-public cloud arrangement and developing a single statewide user directory.


Service Level Agreement (SLA) Frequently Asked Questions

Service Level Agreements

SLA Graphic

We are pleased to announce a new Service Level Agreement Program for Information Technology shared services offered by ITS.

The SLA Program is designed to:

Aligned with the SLA program, InView is a Performance Management program to improve IT service delivery performance, transparency and accountability for results across all of the agency’s functional program units.


InView integrates best practices and industry knowledge to enable ITS staff to drive strategy and align operational plans to the strategy. It also makes it possible for staff to reengineer and streamline processes to achieve strategic goals and gain greater cost-efficiencies with higher quality. The Performance Management Program will capture critical data to enable ITS management to make effective decisions regarding the acquisition, deployment and delivery of IT services provided by the agency.

NYSeMail Bulletin